Empowering & 
Inspiring people all over the world 
to live 
with joy


My name is Dhriti Mehra.  

I am inspiring and empowering people all over the world

to live Authenticity with joy!  

My journey takes me to places and teaches me so much about myself,

my light and my darkness, and I am forever learning.

As I explore and embrace my journey of life,

spirituality, alternative/complimentary medicine & personal development,

I have been studying, learning and experiencing, Transcendental Meditation,

Mindfulness, Homeopathy, NLP Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healing,  EFT,

Intuition, Scar Work, Holistic Massage Therapy, Hypnobirthing, 

Authenticity and so much more as my journey continues. 

After each course, experiences, new awarenesses merge into my world as

my consciousness and awareness expands further. 

I see and experience more than before and this continues as

I evolve and grow as a compassionate healer and lightworker. 


I believe we are all here for a reason,

we all have a purpose here on this earth and we all have the ability to change and

evolve to be the best version of ourselves, beyond what we may have ever imagined,

if we choose to do so.


The one thing that remains consistent within me, 

as my journey continues, is that I want to share the tools and awarenesses

I have received with people, adults, teenagers and kids, empowering them to be more aligned with

their Truth, creating and living their best version of themselves.  

To enhance peoples lives so that they are nourished, nutured and encouraged

to love and shine their uniqueness,

their gifts, with the world,

as this is our purpose.    


I look forward to the opportunity to meet you.


Sending all Divine Love, Light and Blessings,






© 2020 by Dhriti Mehra 

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