What is life about....

What is life about.... The more I live the more I see that life is not about being in a relationship, marriage, succesful job, living in a big house, going to expensive restaurants and holidays abroad. All of that is lovely, don't get me wrong, for me it is the icing on the cake, as it brings no joy, no pleasure unless there is joy within. So I invite you all today, as I invite myself, to take some time for yourSelf, to fill yourSelf with joy, that has no dependency on anyone or anything. Sending love to all, Dhriti

Act of fear vs Act of love

By pandering to someones insecurities you are adding fuel to their fire of insecurity. This is not an act of love, it is one of fear! Be mindful, be empowering, be true! ~ Dhriti ~

To all the strong ones....

To all the strong ones 😘💖✨ When you are tired of being strong, Let yourself go, Let yourself fall to the bottom. Usually we are closer to it than we think. It takes a lot of energy to be just off the bottom, Treading water. When you hit the bottom, You may crack up, That is okay. Stay there, Rest there, And Breathe. Breathe. The only way from here is up. You will come to a point where you start to feel better and start to re-energise, Go with it, And when you are ready, Regroup yourself, All your parts will come together in a new formation, And you will rise again as a new You, like you've not know before! Enjoy the new You! ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ Sending Love to All 💖


Divine is the moment I love myself, Divine is the moment I accept myself, Divine is the moment I approve of myself, Divine is the moment I willingly forgive myself, Divine is the moment I stop and listen to mySelf, Divine is the moment I act form a place of stillness and knowing, Divine is the moment there is peace within my heart, Divine is the moment I let go and Be, Divine is the moment, I Am Dhriti. ~ Dhriti Mehra ~

Be responsible for your energy...

Don't let someone else behaviour, affect you. Always remember you are your own authority. You choose how you show up in the world and with people. Your thoughts, your feelings and your energy is creating your life experience. If you don't like it you have a couple of choices you can either change it, it you can't change it, you can change your attitude to it. You have the power within you. You are the creator of your reality. "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours." Wayne Dyer. How do you feel when you are with someone, listening to the radio, tv, social media, eating, drinking etc? Do you feel good, energised or tired, drained and ill? Listen to your body it is always

Love yourSelf...

"Love yourself, Love your uniqueness, It is your Truth, It is your Love, That longs for expression." Dhriti Inspired by the sign below 💖✨

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