There is Love in my shadow.

There is love in my shadow. I was sat on my bed feeling challenged by the feelings that were coming up in me. I meditated to clear my mind and to enter a healing space within me. As I came out of my meditation my eyes were drawn to a beautiful statue that sit on top of the draws in my bed room, for the first time noticed the heart in the couples shadow. I heard that words, “There is love in your shadow”. I felt the words deep within my heart. It was just what I needed to hear. There is love in feelings that I am finding challenging. I embraced and accepted them, and as I did they lost their edge their intensity and dissolved. My shadow loves me. I am grateful for this reminder from the

My name, Dhriti.

My name is Dhriti. Dhriti the first of the Sanskrit virtues, my grandmother, Dadi Ma, used to tell me. My grandmother named me and she was a Sanskrit scholar. I have not met anyone else with the name Dhriti. However when I came to setting up my email address on yahoo mail I realised there were many other Dhriti’s out there. People call me Dee, Dreeti, Dimitri, Preeti etc. rare was I called Dhriti by someone outside my family. I looked up the meaning of Dhriti and found it to mean patience. As I look further I found it meant patience, persistence, determined. I would wonder why was I given such a big name. It felt big. It felt like there was so much responsibility in this name, though I loved

Is Intuitive Guidance for You?

It is not about positivity. It is not about negativity. It is all about authenticity. It is all about living authentically in alignment with ones Truth. I teach and empower clients with skills and tools to re-connect with their Truth. Such that as questions come up and they make decisions they do so from a place of greater clarity, confidence, joy and peace within. It feels good, it feels is real. It is your Truth, it is Love, it is true Joy, it has it’s challenges and is always the best way forward. This in a nut shell is the intention of my work. If you are interested, book your first session with me, via or call me on 07779228206 for a 15 minutes complimentary chat

It's half way through the year already!

As we move into the second half of the year, I take it as a cue to reflect on the first half of the year, the joys, the challenges, the actions and the changes. It is a time to sit down and write down all the things you are grateful for from the first half of the year and to then look ahead and write down what you would like to be grateful for in the second half of the year. What what would you like to have done, achieve, be when you sit and reflect on the second half of the year in December 2017. This is a really good exercise to do. If the first half of the year did not go as you would have liked, know that there is something to learn from every experience and you are exactly where you ar

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