Some people will understand you, some people won't. Some people will accept you, some people won't. Some people will appreciate you, some people won't. Some people will feel blessed to know you, some people won't. Some people people will avoid you, some people won't. Some people will look for you, some people will find You. Some people will see You, some people won't. Some people will hear you, some people won't. Some people will feel you, some people won't. Some people are sleep walking, some people are awake. Some people get you, some people don't Some people will love you, some people won't. Let people be who they be. Always be your be your trueSelf. With Love A


Expression. Not Suppression And Depression. Make space for Expression, And it will liberate you from the darkness of Depression. with Love always, Dhriti If you would like to organise a complimentary chat to see if Intuitive Life Guidance is for you, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at and we can organise a mutually convenient time over Skype, phone or face to face.

As I Love and Accept myself more...

As I love and accept myself more, I am able to love and accept others more. As I act authentically from a place of Love and Truth within, I enable others to feel empowered and inspired to do the same. Though the shift from what is expected to what is self-loving and true to Self can be daunting. There comes a time where you need to Love yourSelf and not look for love outside yourSelf. You need to let go of the belief and conditioning that to be loved, accepted, approved of you must Sacrifice yourSelf. Instead, Know that you can unlearn this false truth And Know that the Love that comes from within you is beautiful, true, infinite and satiating, If only you allow it in. Your l

I choose Me

I choose Me. It has been a raw time. I have felt like my heart has been pulled out, stamped on and shoved back in, repeatedly broken and healed. The emotional pain has been excruciating and debilitating, so much so that I am surprised that I am still here. There have been fewer, but there have been moments of feeling in such complete harmony with the world, the Universe, mySelf as well - and they have been such a contrast to the emotionally breaking pain. I am grateful for these moments of complete harmony as they give me hope, they reinforce my trust and faith, that good will come, is coming, from this for me - otherwise I would not still be here. I have faith, and without it I am not sure

Trusting yourSelf.

Trusting yourSelf. In a world that is full of expectations, fitting in and doing what is expected, to trust and act on your own is unique. It is not easy and can be challenging for you and also for those around you. Who is she to step outside the box? Who is she to create her own space that has not been created before? What gives her the right? Where is she? She is expected to be here and she is not! As you take steps following you own truth, listening to that clear guiding voice inside you, you also start to hear the voices from those around you. Sometimes it is said out loud but much is not, much is nonverbal but you hear it, you feel the words, you feel the anger, the sadness, the jealou

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