Dear God, The Universe & Great Spirit...

Dear God, The Universe & Great Spirit, I thank you for always being with me. I thank you for your ever constant gaze on my optimal health and wellbeing. I thank you for guiding me, for loving me, for caring for me, for showing me the way, for inspiring me, for supporting me, for empowering me, for being with me, for energising me, for all my gifts, for reviving me, for uplifting me, for laughing with me, for helping me, for calling me, for my extraordinary life experience, for giving me signs, when I ask, that show me that you and my angels are always with me, for helping to reconnecting with the truth of who I Am, for helping me to find the courage to be t

Who are you here to be?

The person that lives in your skin, The person that feels in your heart, The person at that thinks in your mind, The person looking back at you when you look in the mirror, That is the person you are here to be. Express your Truth, Shine your light, That is who you are here to be, This will bring you Joy and Peace within. With Love Always Dhriti


Freedom Freedom to be yourSelf Freedom to express yourSelf Freedom to Choose Freedom to say Yes or No Freedom to agree or disagree Freedom to be the authority of your choices Freedom to not fit in a box Freedom to be authentic Freedom is Love, Love is Truth, Truth is Authenticity & Freedom is to be yourSelf.

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