What is the most important thing about meditation?

I am writing this post, as over the festive period I was within earshot of a conversation about meditation. Questions were being posed, What are the different kinds of meditation? What is the best kind of meditation? Is it best to meditation looking outside oneself for peace or is it best to meditate looking within yourself for peace? Hence I wanted to share where I come from. First and foremost the most important thing regarding mediation is to sit and meditate daily, twice a day. This is the most important thing about meditation. More important that looking inwards or outwards, is to sit in meditation. The intention to sit and meditate twice a day is most important and then to actually sit

A December to remember...

I am loving December! I am filled with gratitude for all that this year has brought, the healing, the turning point I have been feeling over the last week and the comfortable sanctuary of my home that I created for myself. I am thankful for my courage and bravery for standing strong in my Truth, when foundations were crumbling. As I heal I am creating new foundations, new support, new joy that comes from within me. I am loving the life I am living and creating. I am trusting in the process of life and my faith in the #divine. All is well in my world and it just keeps getting better and better. Sending All Love, Light and Bear Hugs 😘💜💫😻🙏

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