Shine your Love and Light

✨💖Shine your Love & Light💖✨ For some your light maybe too bright and for others just right, Shine your love & light anyway, As it is what will carry us through. Some say, disheartened, Our light is dimmed by all the darkness and destruction around us. I say, "Keep shining your light." As the darkness crumbles it will no longer create a shadow over your light illuminating, But create space for your light to shine brighter and To be seen far and wide more than ever before! The shadow is only as pitch black as the the light is bright! So shine your love & light, Shine it bright! ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ Sending Love and Light out to all 💖✨

I see you...

I see you I see the good I see the bad I see the ugly I see the sad I see the beauty I see the frustration I see the potentialI see the love

the truth

the truth is authenticity not conformity

Joy! Joy! Joy!

An amazing and joy filled day! I am thankful for my fabulous massage and Intuitive Guidance clients. I am thankful for my Massage client that rescheduled their appointment today, as it gave me a window of opportunity to pop out and be nourished by Mother Nature, in Bushy Park, where I was greeted by my friends the deer. I am thankful for the complimentary Amaretto almond latte (extra hot), my favourite, from Thyme on the Park, that I thoroughly enjoyed on my walk. I am thankful for the love and support of my soul tribe that are around me. I am thankful for the smiles of strangers. I am thankful for my body, my ability to excercise and keep fit and the fabulous Zumba, Yoga and Pilates instru


What is Family? This came into a conversation as I sat with a good friend reflecting on our lives. She asked me, what family is to me, and this just rolled off my tongue, without a conscious thought and tears in my eyes. "Family are the people in my life that remind of me of my wings when I have forgotten that I can fly." I said. This inspired me to write and share this article with you. I have deep gratitude and love for my family. I know many that wish their blood family were still in this reality, others who have created a family from those that are here and others that feel alone and who's pets are their family and others it is all of the above. Family.... ... are the people in your li

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