Mental Stillness and Mental Health part2

I will assume you have read part1 and got some value from it so are now reading part 2. However if you have not read part one that is okay to as you will still gain value from this article as it describes more techniques shared and experienced at the Talk Mental Stillness for Mental Health at Yogific London in Feb 2018. The next technique I'd like to share with you is, Grounding. In the interactive workshop we did this by all standing up. So stand up with your feet hip width apart so that your ankles are under your knees, which are under your hips and have your feet pointing forwards. Now, as you stand feel the soles of your feet on the ground. Feel your toes. Feel your heels. Feel the sides

Mental Stillness & Mental Health part 1

Mental Stillness and Mental Health. I dedicate this piece to all the beautiful souls I met at the Kingston Yoga and Vegan festival last weekend and especially all those that came to my talk, Mental Stillness and Mental Health, as you are my inspiration for this post. I so enjoyed our interaction, your feedback and questions, thank you! I look forward to meeting you all again very soon, in person or online. If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write on, please email me at The best way to convert the essence of the benefits of mental stillness on ones mental health is through experiencing it for oneSelf. If you were not at the talk and are hearing this fo

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