Cry if you feel like it,It is an expression of how you feel,A release of your emotions.Someone once said,“Expression not Depression”!So true

Volunteer Massage Therapist.

A good morning at The Mulberry Centre volunteering & good afternoon at Vibrance4life - lots of #massages! Happy clients = Happy Me!

Go where you are invited.

Go where you are invited, wanted and appreciated. There are so many places, people and spaces where this is true. Go there

Lessons in seeing the Truth - Journey

It can be challenging, when you can see a persons potential, to accept their reality. Let them be. You may see them shift in this life time you may not. Either way it is ok. Let them be and do your best to accept them and love them where they are choosing ( consciously or unconsciously) to be. Be okay with not receiving approval, acceptance or love from others. Give yourself the love acceptance and approval you desire. Fill yourself up with this, top yourself up with this. You are your Source. You have everything you desire and need within you. All the love you ever felt or desire to feel is within you. All the acceptance you so want from outside is waiting to embrace you within. All t

Consciousness can look crazy to those who are asleep.

✨ Remember ✨ Remember, a person can only meet another as deeply as they have met themselves. Remember, everyone is doing their best from their current place of consciousness and awareness. Remember, you are not here to dim your light because it is too bright for others. Remember, you are here to shine your light, bright. Remember, how someone reacts or responds to you is a reflection of them and how you respond is an awareness of you. Remember, the only person that can change your life is the one that looks back at you when you look in the mirror. Remember, that this is a rich and friendly Universe. Remember, that you are more than you know. Remember, you have so much to give and share. Reme

True Colours

The gift of being sick. You see,Who cares. Who is really there with you

Everyone isn't going to get you!

Everyone isn’t going to get you! That’s ok. You all have different journeys, destinations and lessons to learn. Enjoy yours and leave them to theirs. Be true to you! Enjoy being You, That’s your purpose! ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ Intuitive Guidance, book your complimentary 10minute chat, email

The Sad Truth

The sad truth. I can see another in their light, But I can’t make them step out of their shadow and into it. They have to want better. They have to want change. They have to be willing to step into their light, And feel the contrast. They have to want the light. And the sad truth is, not everyone does. ~ Dhriti Mehra ~

Embrace the Shift

When you go to sleep with a clear head and Wake with a splitting headache, Your head feels like it will explode. Feeling nausea. Arms, legs and back hurt. When you are in this cycle, Know that you can change it. Know that this is a sign that things need to change. Know that you can make the changes. Know that you are still here and alive. There is a reason for it. Embrace the state. Don’t resist it. Trust your heart. Allow yourself to release what you are holding on to. Be open to something new. Let go and evolve. Be open to a new way of being. All is well. Embrace the shift. Be clear with your intentions. Love will prevail.

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