You are Magic!

Celebrate your uniqueness. Shine your light! Who cares if others think you are odd, weird or faulty! Let them be who they choose to be. You aren’t here to fit into someone else box! Love all of yourself! Express all of yourself! You are magic! There is no one else like you in the world and there isn’t meant to be! We are all different and unique, no two human beings are the same. Accept and be accepted for who you choose to be. Sending Love & Blessings to all😘 ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ 🙏💖✨ If this resonates with you, you may appreciate an Intuitive Guidance session. Email to book your session or to book a free chat to see if it is for you ☯️✨

Beautiful Soul

Dear Soul, Don’t dim your #light for anyone. Don’t go where they call you #odd or faulty. Leave their #judgements with them. #Rise up into your power and use your strength to stand in your truth and move yourself forwards with #confidence in the #manifestation of your #dreams. You #deserve your love, You deserve to be #healthy and you deserve to be You. The #powerand #strength of your #Truth may #rock the #boat, It may #freak some out, It may knock them for six, Still be true to you, It is for your #highest good and for everyone else too! #Some will flock to you for the truth that is you! Some will love you for who you are. Some will be #grateful that you are here in their #world. Whatever t

Living in your Truth

Have faith in your strength. Have faith your heart is strong. You have come so far

Where do you go for advice?

Where do you go for advice? Be mindful who you go to for advice Remember it is your life Go within This is where you’ll hear your truth Deep within Into the stillness of your heart Be still and listen All the answers you seek lie within ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ Interested in Intuitive guidance, email and book your appointment or 10minute chat to see if it is for you.

Meditation for Kids - Summer Term

Starting the day at Vibrance4life with child and parent meditation class. Taking bookings for #Summer term. Please send all enquiries to #Iloveteachingkidsmeditation #IlovewhatIdo#4to18yearsold — feeling sunny at Vibrance4Life with Dhriti Mehra.

Trust your feelings.

If the actions, words and energy are incongruent, Go with the energy. Words and actions can be a pretence, But energy is always true! ~ Dhriti Mehra ~

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