What do you see?

What do you see? Antlers or leaves....it is all about perception, intention and what you are looking for as you look at your world. Two people look at the same situation and see different pictures, different choices, different possibilities, different #outcomes. No one person is right or wrong, they have their perception and you have yours. You are you and they are them. Live and let live. Everything and everyone has purpose. We are all one. ~ Dhriti Mehra ~

Freedom to be free!

Freedom to be! Freedom to be mySelf! Freedom to express! Freedom of acceptance! Freedom from approval! I love the freedom of choice! Freedom to be who I choose to be in any given moment. Freedom to feel and be empowered. Freedom to be and experience love, joy and abundance. Freedom to be filled with love and light and express this to anyone and everyone. Freedom to walk away. Freedom to put myself first. Freedom to be healthy. Freedom to be Love. Freedom to be connected and live authentically guided by Spirit. I love my freedom 🙏 💖✨

Never apologise

Never apologise to others for their misunderstanding of you. They are on their journey and you are on yours. We only see and appreciate each other from our state of consciousness and awareness. No one is better, no one is worse, we are all unique and receiving exactly what we need to grow and evolve into the Truth of who we really are. We are all walking each other home 💖 ~ Dhriti Mehra ~

The day I became a ScarWork Therapist!

This journey began last year, at The Mulberry Centre, where I volunteer as a massage therapist, providing massages to those affected by cancer. It is a wonderful centre and I very much appreciate being able to volunteer there. Emma Holly, of Restore Therapy, very kindly donated a one day Introduction to ScarWork at the Mulberry Centre in December 2017 and I was invited to attend. At this Introductory workshop I learnt some ScarWork techniques that I could incorporate into the massages I gave at the centre and also at my private practice at Vibrance4Life in Hampton Hill. It was an inspiring day. I was amazed by the benefit those that came to be our practice models gained. The practice models

I Am

I Am I am here to see the truth and I Am I am here to hear the Truth and I AmI am here to feel the Truthand I Am I am here to share the Trut

Behind the clouds

Behind the clouds the sun is always shining bright!Look up.Look to the sky. Look to the sun it is always shining it’s light, boldy in full g

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