What happened when I banged my head!

What happened when I banged my head! Everything stopped! What just happened? My body is frozen. No sounds, no sensation, every thing is numb and quiet, so still, I could have heard a pin drop, in that moment. What just happened? I was just going to lie down for 10minutes, between appointments, with my feet raised to relax and energise myself. What just happened? Totally unexpected. I hit my head on something hard! Where did that come from? My rebounder! Oh my God! My head starts to hurt and throb. I go upstairs and take, Homeopathic Fossil Remedies, Ophipina10M and an Enchynocorys10M. Feeling a bit dazed I sit on the carpet in front of my Homeopathic remedies, wondering what next. The door b

Mental Stillness & Mental Health part3

Welcome to part 3 of Mental Stillness for Mental. I will assume you have read parts 1&2 and got some value from them and so are now reading part 3. However if you have not read parts 1&2, that is okay to as you will still gain value from this article as it describes more techniques shared and experienced at the Talk Mental Stillness for Mental Health at Yogific London in Feb 2018, www.yogific.com. The next technique I'd like to share with you follow on from the Conscious breathing I mentioned in the Part 1. The first breathing technique I'd like to share with you is the "Ahh" breath. So let's try it, Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, with a "Ahhh" sound as breath out. Mak

The illusion of love, unlearnt

I no longer sacrifice myself due to the hatred and anger I feel from past experiences, waiting for an apology that is yet to come. I now choose to set myself free. Enough self sacrifice. You are on your merry way, and I am waiting no longer. I prefer my own company than those that have shown me that they don't care, And yet I pine for them to see the Truth, to awaken. Please, please wake up! And in the mean time my heart is broken and I experienced emotional abuse. I now wait no more. I let you be where you choose to be . I let you be who you choose to be. I no longer wish for you to see the Truth. I leave you where you are. I no longer wait for an apology. I see you, I let you go and I set

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