Remember, life's happening for you, not to you. So, don't ask, "Why did this happen?" Ask, "What is life trying to teach me?" And be open to embracing the answer.


Giving joy, creates more joy & feels so good! Lets give and create joy this weekend. Lets make this our dominant intention! Sending love and blessings to all, Dhriti

Be the Change

Be the change I love you Be the change I accept you Be the change I approve of you Be the change I forgive you Be the change Let go Be the change Be yourself Be the change Free yourself Be the change Express yourself Be the change Love yourself Be the change Now, be the change you wish you see in the world. Be what you want to see in the world. Give what you want to receive in the world. ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ I woke this morning at 5.30am with "Be the Change" ringing in my ears, I fell asleep and work at 7am with "Be the Change" still ringing in my ears. I pick up my note pad and the above words came. As I wrote I was reminded of Mahatma Gandhi's words, Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Forgive You come to a place, And realise you no longer wish to hold on. You want to let go. But, how? You realise you want to forgive, To free yourself. But, how? You realise that you haven’t forgiven, Wondering if you ever will be able to. You ask the Divine for help, And pray, Please forgive them through me, as I don’t know how, And I long to feel peace in my heart. You pray. You let go. You let God. And you realise, It is not that you haven’t forgiven. You have forgiven. You are free and they are free. It is that you are still making peace, With the knowing that you will never Trust them again, With your Heart. And that hurts.

What happened when I banged my head, continues...

What happened when I banged my head, continues. 14 days after the bang, I was not able to get an appointment at my GP surgery, so I went back to Teddington Walk In and then advised me to go to West Middlesex Urgent care and a GP would seem me there was not a GP at the Walk-in that could seem me. I burst in to tears as I walked out. I did not have the physical energy to go to West Middlesex Hospital Urgent Care. I was exhausted. After a long cry, I decided to call my Surgery and explained I needed an urgent care appointment today and why. They advised me that a GP would have to call me, to make the decision regarding giving me an appointment and that they could not give me one. They said I w

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