Forgiveness, what if

"What if, It isn't about forgiveness but more of acceptance for the person or the situation, As they are. Not expecting them to change or be different and accepting who they are and where they are at their level of awareness and consciousness on their journey. What if, It is about acceptance that you are on different journeys, Different paths in this life time, Different states of awareness and consciousness. Coming to this place of acceptance brings peace within you, Coming to this place brings liberation within you. It is energising, It feels lighter, It feels peaceful. Be here. Come here. Choose to be here. This brings you back to compassion, To love which is who you are." ~ Dhriti Mehra

The magic of autumn

Mother Nature teaches with such beauty and grace, The magic of Autumn. One can with such ease and gentleness, Looking vibrant and beautiful, Shining all our colours brightly, Let go of what served us and no longer does, With gratitude, To create space, And to allow it to nourish the soil, From which we will blossom, Yet again! If you are struggling to let go of what no longer serves you, Intuitive Guidance may be just the thing to help you. More information on or feel free to give me a call or drop me and email with any questions you may have. I wish you all a day filled with unexpected miracles! I wish all a day filled with unexpected miracles. Walking

Be fearlessly authentic

Be fearlessly authentic! You are you for a reason. Everything about you is exactly as it is meant to be. There is no one else on this earth that has your light. Be the best version of you in every give moment! Big Love 😘

Sunday intention...

Sunday intention... Know that the Universe always has your back! Enjoy today, It won’t come around again. 💖✨

Where do I go?

Go where you are wanted and where you are celebrated! Let your vibration rise! Be where feels good. Be with people who are interested in how you are. Be where you are encouraged to be the best version of you! Love yourself enough to stop going where, no one asks you how you are, where no one actually engages or connects with who you really are. Let them be and move on. It maybe lonely initially as you feel the void but you will find your tribe and they will find you. Big Love and blessings

The best medicine

Good night! Sweet dreams. Sometimes the best medicine is an early night! Good quality sleep between 10pm and 2am can work wonders on healing, mentally, emotionally, physically and spritually. Sleep well tonight all. Sending all joy!

Meditation and Mindfulness, what is the difference?

I am often asked what kind of meditation do I teach. This is a good question. I teach meditation full stop. I don’t teach a particular type of mediation as such, I don’t label it. I learnt Transcendental Meditation about 17years ago, which is where one is given a mantra and that mantra is repeated to oneself within oneself, not out loud, twice a day for 20minutes. This mantra is not to be shared with anyone else, it is specifically for the individual it is given to. As I practiced TM, my mantra disappeared, am not sure when and how. All I remember is that one day I found myself observing myself sat in silence, with a quiet and still mind and body and no mantra. I was not able to recall the

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