Embrace All That You Are!

And then through all the darkness and purging, The sun light shines through. Remember the dark is only as dark as the the light is bright. The brighter the light the darker the shadow. If you have been working with and embracing your darkness, And it feels pitch black at times, Know it is because your light is as bright as your shadow is pitch black. Embrace all that you are! The beauty and wisdom of your darkness, The freedom and joy of your light and allow yourself to weave between the two, Know that nothing is permanent, And everything is in flow. ~ Dhriti Mehra ~ Inspired as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.

I like who I am becoming a lot.

Your power terrifies them. You’re get stronger when they thought you’d get weaker. They’ve never seen someone break so many times, heal herself with selflove and selfcare, and rise higher and higher every time, becoming and being more of the beautiful powerful loving being that you are! I love you! .

How many scars did you justify because you loved the person holding the knife.

How many scars did you justify because you loved the person holding the knife. Unknown. It is time to feel worthy of all that you are, worthy of respect, worthy of unconditional love, worthy of kindness, worthy of care. Walk away from those that believe that if you love someone you let them hurt you. If you believe this it is time to release this belief, it is time to know you deserve so much more. You deserve unconditional love, respect, kindness, appreciation and so much more. It is time for you to believe that you do! . If you are struggling with this need some help, feel free to get in touch. dhriti@dhritimehra.com Intuitive coaching and guidance could be helpful. .

Choose Love

Choose Love It is that simple. You always have a choice. Make that choice a loving choice. Choose love. ~ Dhriti Mehra ~

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