the truth

the truth... the truth is authenticity and not confirmity. the truth is that there is opportunity in adversity. the truth is life experience is for growth. the truth is we experience contrast to know that we are of God, every single one of us. the truth is we are innately expressions of joy. the truth is we are all One. the truth for one is part of the truth for all. the truth is we are all guiding each other home. the truth is we create our reality. the truth is we can change our experience of reality by shifting our perception. the truth is we are all creators of our life experience. the truth is there is no loss only transformation. the truth is our intentions are powerful. the truth is whatever one resists, persists. the truth is change is inevitable, go with the flow. the truth is everything is happening for you. the truth is you are a divine being and a blessing for all that you cross paths with. the truth is everything is Love.

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