Beautiful Soul

Dear Soul,

Don’t dim your #light for anyone.

Don’t go where they call you #odd or faulty.

Leave their #judgements with them.

#Rise up into your power and use your strength to stand in your truth and move yourself forwards with #confidence in the #manifestation of your #dreams.

You #deserve your love,

You deserve to be #healthy and you deserve to be You.

The #powerand #strength of your #Truth may #rock the #boat,

It may #freak some out,

It may knock them for six,

Still be true to you,

It is for your #highest good and for everyone else too!

#Some will flock to you for the truth that is you!

Some will love you for who you are.

Some will be #grateful that you are here in their #world.

Whatever they do and be,

Be grounded in the beauty and truth of you dear Soul.

Love to all, including the #scared ones, the name callers, they need a double dose 💖✨

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