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Intuitive Reading...

Clients typically have specific questions, but no always,  

for which they are seeking answers and insight. I tune in

and ask the question requested by the client.  

I share the insights and information

that comes with regard to their questions

Clients often start talking about what they need help with and the spiritual guidance starts to flow from my guides. I share what comes through, often providing clarity and next steps for them with regards to what was shared. 

If you have any questions reading an intuitive reading, please get in touch via the contact page or email


Intuitive Guidance

I work as an Intuitive Guidance, helping my clients gain greater clarity, to feel more confident as they move forward, in an area of their life in which they feel stuck, challenged, want to change and or improve.   

My intention is to empower my clients with

skills, tools and insights to re-connect with their Truth, their trueSelf, to move forward and live more authentically from a place of clarity, confidence, joy and peace within. 

The way in which this manifest is different for each person. I have no no set formula or list of skills and tools to teach.  As we are all unique, each session is tailored so that you get the most and and best from it.  

I recommend booking 6 weekly sessions initially to give yourSelf the space to identify and focus on one area, situation and or issue to address, be it personal, professional or health related.  

It is usual to book the first session see how feels and at the end of it book in the next 5 sessions. 

To book  your complimentary Discovery call or your first session, email or call me on 07779228206. 




The Healing Journey

The Healing Journey is a 90day empowering package that empowers you to move forward with a specific area or issue in your life.

It is great for any life situation for which one needs guidance and has a desire to move through. This could be when one is feels stuck; to resolve an issue; to help find balance again; for spiritual development, reconnecting to ones TrueSelf. 

More information to come soon, until then please contact Dhriti for more information. 

Via the Contact page or via


Address: London, Great Britain.

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