"Dhriti is a very warm welcoming lady, who's open personality simply radiates

all things good.

She's super attentive to what we the customers need and ensures she carries

out what's needed.

Her deep tissue massage techniques are polished and professional and I found the whole experience beneficial and well

worth this, my first visit.

She's extremely intuitive, spiritual and massively knowledgeable and all I can say is for you to pay her a visit,

you won't regret it."

RW, Holistic Massage

"I had recently suffered a bereavement and was holding on to a lot of tension in my body. I came to vibrance4life for a massage to help me. I had spoken to Dhriti over the phone and she explained the process that I may have a release of emotions during the massage and that it was important to feel comfortable to release the emotions and not hold onto them. On arrival I felt immediately at home and comforted by Dhriti's warm welcome. The massage was amazing, I felt such a weight lift from my body and left feeling so much better. It is quite hard to explain how good it made me feel, it was so much more than a massage and it was as if Dhriti knew exactly what I needed and where. Highly recommended treatment."

LJ - Intuitive Healing Massage

Great session with Dhriti, felt relaxed and de stressed after!

MA - Holistic Massage

"I absolutely loved the massage session on Saturday . Dhriti really listened to what I needed to de stress my tight back and I was able to completely relax while she worked out my knots. Bliss! Thank you!"

MM - Holistic Massage

Loved the massage, especially the percussive bit where the muscles are relaxed. I felt deeply relaxed.

TF - Holistic Massage

Dhriti is a great therapist. She has a wide range of modalities, which creates a system that can support you. If its improving your lifestyle, reducing an ache and pain, or changing your diet, Dhriti will be there to help.

DS - Holistic Wellbeing

I recommend Dhriti to anyone seeking advise on personal well-being.

I approached the practice of homeopathy with slight reluctancy, but was glad to have met Dhriti as she was the only person to cure me after years being examined and prodded by conventional healthcare.

HK - Homeopathy

"Thank you Dhriti for a wonderful intuitive reading. I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first time but I felt at ease straight away and Dhriti had a very calm manner throughout. I would definitely recommend a reading as I felt that it has answered some of my questions and given me clarity and direction in life. A lovely experience and food for thought.”

CT - Intuitive Reading

"The treatment I received from Dhriti was one of the best experiences I've had. I can already feel how my scar has changed in not only colour but its is less raised than before.

I feel more confident to have my scar out now." 

(Hip Scar, from a fall over decade old. Feedback after one session.) 


“Dhriti - Thank you so much for Sunday and the reading. You’ve really helped me focus and feel much clearer on job applications and what I need to do. Can see where I have being going wrong now. Looking forward to seeing you June for the massage. Hope your all well Sharon” 

(Then later the same day...)

"Wish you could see the difference in this Job application to my previous ones - just such a huge change . Thank you so much for giving me this."

SB - Intuitive Guidance

Just had a fantastic holistic massage on the Mother's Day offer. Loved it and felt super relaxed afterwards.

KM - Holistic Massage

I had an over the phone Intuitive Guidance session with Dhriti last month. It was an amazing and intuitive session. Don't think I can express how much this has changed and helped my life and given me some new insights which are still resonating with me now and are starting to lead to new breakthroughs. She was spot on and precise with the advise she gave me. I look forward to another one when I'm ready for it.

BB - Intuitive Guidance

I had read her profile in the website, I loved it. After I went to try an adult meditation class I really enjoyed it.For my happiness I found out that she works with children as well.

Dhriti Kids Meditation class is what I was looking for my 6 years old girl. I believe it will help her to manage her own feelings as anger, anxiety, frustration or stress When she left her first class , she said ” Mum, I loved it, I had fun and I felt relaxed."

She is a lovely, caring and dedicated person. LS - Kids Meditation

My daughter has loved working with Dhriti. She has shown her techniques to deal with stress and anxieties. The visualisation techniques have taught her how to unwind effectively. Highly recommend. 

BD - Kids Meditation

Dhriti is very warm and dedicated in her work. She is keen on customer satisfaction.

AM - Holistic Massage

Dhriti was brilliant at making me relax and really understood about tension and which muscles that held my fatigue. I found the percussive technique really helped, it had a wonderful grounding feeling.

The therapy room was great and ginger tea too - fabulous!

TF - Holistic Massage

"Thank you Dhriti for your intuitive reading, it gave me the clarity that I needed and confirmed some things I was unsure about"

KM - Intuitive Reading

"I sometimes struggle to relax during a massage so I didn't know how this would be for me.... It was amazing, the relaxing music, just the right pressure applied by Dhriti Mehra and the smell of the oils created a wonderful environment where I almost fell asleep.I had been suffering with some neck and back pain and Dhriti really focused on these areas and reduced the pain.Highly recommended, I can't wait for my next one!"  

SG - Holistic Massage

Very very relaxing during treatment. After -  very relaxed but eye felt so open and alert - no eye strain. 

But  absolutely relaxed feeling. Eyes looked more open. Eye feels stretched open. "

(Facial (near eye) scar, from cancer related surgery, a couple years ago. 

Feedback after one session.)


“Thank you so much for yesterday! You have amazing hands! My neck is so much better this morning! Magic! Kerry loved your Intuitive reading, she wants us to come back to you! I hope I can also book an Intuitive Reading and one hour massage in a few weeks when I get back from Germany? Big Hug for you!”

JH - Holistic Massage

What a lovely 90 min massage! I felt welcomed as soon as I arrived and was able to relax fully! The massage was lovely and I think I may have nodded off at one point! What a treat! Aftercare advice was really useful! Great service all round and I shall be back.

JW - Holistic Massage

I visited Dhriti for an intuitive reading and felt very uplifted at the end of our session, loving truthful guidance was given, I was told about things I needed to nurture and those things I needed to let go of, I came out feeling optimistic! X

KM - Intuitive Reading

My child takes Dhriti's meditaition classes every week,and he loves it!

AK - Kids Meditation

"The massage was fantastic and my back is feeling millions time better .

If you have any soreness in your body , your muscles I can highly recommend Dhriti she is amazing massage therapist .Thank you ones again."

MD - Holistic Massage

"I want to give my children the tools they need to be able to cope well with the stressful world that they live in today. They are 11 (daughter) and 12 (son) so I was a little concerned about their openness to meditation. I found Dhriti to be knowledgable about meditation and particularly about how she could adapt what she offered to my children's specific needs. I felt confident to leave my children in her care. They really enjoyed the initial session with Dhriti and were very happy and positive afterwards. Since then they accept that this is part of their routine and look forward to the next session. It is allowing my children to let go of things that are bothering them quicker than before and they both seem more confident and open to share what's happening in their lives with me. I'm sure we will see more positive changes as the weeks go on."

MS - Kids Meditation

"Thank you for the massage. It was wonderful. Relaxing and felt the tension leave my shoulders.I slept so well that night."

TF - Holistic Massage

"Hey Dhriti, enjoyed the massage today. Thank you, it really helped sort out my aching legs and my legs actually feel longer!!!..." 

TF - Holistic Massage

"The skin feels softer. I felt overall relaxed. Also a bit strange to have my scar touched. 

(Scar from 3 back surgeries, over 4 years ago. Feedback after one session.) 


I recommend Dhriti to anyone seeking advise on personal well-being. I approached the practice of homeopathy with slight reluctancy, but was glad to have met Dhriti as she was the only person to cure me after years being examined and prodded by conventional healthcare.




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