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I had been experiencing serious, long-term problems with my job which were impacting my whole life when I came to see Dhriti for Spiritual guidance. What I am most grateful for is how she cut straight through to the problem, and didn’t sugar-coat it. Firmly but gently, she told me what the situation was – but not what to do about it, she left that up to me to decide. It was such a relief to realise some clarity and acceptance. I knew, finally, that my situation wouldn’t change unless I changed it. With Dhriti’s supportive spiritual counselling and methods, I set about changing my working situation and, as a result, my life. It only took a few sessions but I could never have untangled myself from the mess I was in without her guidance. I shall be forever grateful for how she helped me become whole again. 


“Dhriti - Thank you so much for Sunday and the reading. You’ve really helped me focus and feel much clearer on job applications and what I need to do. Can see where I have being going wrong now. 

"Wish you could see the difference in this Job application to my previous ones - just such a huge change . Thank you so much for giving me this."


I had an over the phone Intuitive Guidance session with Dhriti last month. It was an amazing and intuitive session. Don't think I can express how much this has changed and helped my life and given me some new insights which are still resonating with me now and are starting to lead to new breakthroughs. She was spot on and precise with the advise she gave me. I look forward to another one when I'm ready for it.


I visited Dhriti for an intuitive reading and felt very uplifted at the end of our session, loving truthful guidance was given, I was told about things I needed to nurture and those things I needed to let go of, I came out feeling optimistic! X


I came to see Dhriti as a woman in midlife  who I can only describe as emotionally  broken. We worked together in a slow, loving, supportive way to re-build my life. I desperatly needed help and realised throughout the process that I can truely love myself and along side the changes being made that I can ask for help from my spiritual guides. Dhriti set me ' homework' which was really helpful so I found clarity along the way and the 'big' stuff eventually was looked at and put in a peaceful place in my life. I love the fact I could talk about events in the past and I expressed the emotions surrounding them in a very safe non judgemental environment.  I said goodbye to many old unhelpful negative feelings and many traumatic events in my past are laid to rest and no longer dominate my dreams. We even had laughs on the way. 

There is acceptance, love and boundaries in my life.

Thanks to Dhriti I am emerging as a happy, loving, joyful & energetic person.  Dhriti has enabled me to become that person.

I am truely grateful to her.

She is amazing !!


"Thank you Dhriti for your intuitive reading, it gave me the clarity that I needed and confirmed some things I was unsure about"


"Thank you Dhriti for a wonderful intuitive reading. I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first time but I felt at ease straight away and Dhriti had a very calm manner throughout. I would definitely recommend a reading as I felt that it has answered some of my questions and given me clarity and direction in life. A lovely experience and food for thought.”


I had an Intuitive session with Dhriti today. I was profoundly moved by the immediate shift in my situation brought about by the insight and guidance Dhriti offered. Her style is very gentle but effective. She helps you to find a solution for your problem in a gentle and non-judgemental way. I would recommend Dhriti. She is caring and professional. 


“Thank you so much for yesterday! Kay loved your Intuitive reading, she wants us to come back to you! I hope I can also book an Intuitive Reading in a few weeks when I get back from Germany!


Meeting Dhriti has been like a breath of fresh air. Her Intuitive sessions have helped me heal issues from the past, the most powerful being harassment. As a result, she has taught me techniques to self love, build my confidence and heal the inner child within. I always leave Dhriti feeling empowered, aware and reminded I have a choice always. I would thoroughly recommend Dhriti to anyone who wants to align to their authentic self. Thank you so much for helping me to align to my spiritual journey! 


All the experience was very powerful and emotional. I will recommend everybody to try it. 


Fantastic as always. Absolutely love going here. Always listens and gives great advice for any issues I have.


I always feel more positive and uplifted when I visit Dhriti for intuitive guidance, she offers positive solutions for my way forward and has a healing presence, I certainly come out feeling more relaxed in mind and body! Would recommend :-)


Dhriti is a very warm welcoming lady, who's open personality simply radiates all things good. She's super attentive to what we the customers need and ensures she carries out what's needed. She's extremely intuitive, spiritual and massively knowledgeable and all I can say is for you to pay her a visit, you won't regret it.


I met Dhriti over a year ago. I was suffering from unresolved anger issues that were coming up to the surface and had no idea why I was feeling the way I did and worse still how to deal with them. 

I saw Dhriti for a series of Intuitive Guidance sessions. I loved the fact that these were not counselling sessions. the work I had to do was for myself with guidance through Dhriti. These sessions and excercises helped me understand and resolve my feelings that were causing me anxiety and concern. The excercises were amazingly simple and effective and to date I still do them as and when needed. 

I would highly recommend Dhriti for the help she can provide. I found sessions with her highly revealing and surprising for myself. It was a relief to have found someone who could finally understand and help me deal with my feelings in an effective and simple way. Dhriti has her own unique style of guidance. She is engaging, sometimes funny and always compassionate and understanding. It's so comfortable to be with her and best of all, her unique individualised sessions do work! Simple, effective and easy. 


I was feeling very “stuck” in a situation that had been ongoing for over 6 months with no movement or end date in sight and I felt like I was just waiting and waiting which was really dragging me down.  This affected my mood and energy level and was a bit of a vicious cycle.

I decided to have an Intuitive guidance session with Dhriti. She immediately received that the situation was stuck due to me holding on to anger. I never saw it this way at the time.  It was my belief that I had no anger but that I was frustrated by the situation, however from talking it through with Dhriti, it became very clear that the frustration and anger were one and the same intertwined.  I was feeling negative and had a defeatist attitude about the situation. I was finding it hard to see the light.  Dhriti gently asked me to talk about the reasons for this. The guidance she received and shared with me enabled me to see things from a different angle, to shift and see how far I had come and to start to feel excitement that the end goal was now very close.  

I then started to laugh because it was true, I had come a very long way and things were positive so I started to feel excitement rather than overwhelm. Her guides told her to tell me to celebrate with champagne that day to really feel I was celebrating how far I had come and to shift my energy. I put some dates in the diary as a way of visualising the actions I would be taking in the near future and opened a bottle to celebrate the goals that were about to be achieved!  This changed my whole mood, I felt much lighter and happier.  The very next day, a few things started happening and flowing naturally into place.  It was quite amazing how in such a short space of time, after having and Intuitive session with Dhriti, a large shift took place. 

Thank you Dhriti! 


In all the Intuitive Guidance work I have done with Dhriti, over the past 3 years, I have found her to be professional, kind, generous and compassionate.  She offered me a safe non judgemental space where I could share my problems and frustrations, and receive guidance. 

She has offered me clarity in situations where I felt stuck and overwhelmed and shared simple understandable practical steps that I can take to move forward in the direction I desire.  Dhriti has helped me see what is truly important from the information she receives in situations where I was focused on things that really were not significant and were keeping me stuck there.  

When I have felt challenged in the Intuitive sessions, she has be guided to share many different tools with me that I can use to help bring me back into balance.  These have been particularly useful when situations arise outside of the sessions.

I love the fact that Dhriti has helped me feel empowered, and has taught me that I have the answers inside of me.


Dhriti's Intuitive Guidance, has a wonderful way of blending issues into a tapestry so that they feel part of a bigger picture or a process rather than a stand-alone "mountain" to be dealt with. For example, when my son had been offered an opportunity to work on a project that was very high profile, he was so nervous. Dhriti said quite simply, these are "growing pains", in order to grow there can be discomfort, change which is part of the growth. That completely changed is view! He was able to move forward on the project with more ease. 



I have been suffering with some type of panic attacks for just over a year, which has caused me problems both in my professional life and family life.


However since taking Homeopathy, I feel so much more together and feel stronger within myself, my panic attacks have significantly reduced.  After about 45 mins in certain situations I used to want to leave the room on a daily basis. However since taking these homeopathic remedies I no longer feel the need.  My communication is better and not rushed and in general feel more uplifted . I think especially in lockdown if I hadn't taken this or got the required help from Dhriti I feel I may have suffered longer and perhaps got worse. Am grateful this came at the right time.


I feel this is better than taking other alternative medicine and it has changed my life. Thank you.


I recommend Dhriti to anyone seeking advise on personal well-being. I approached the practice of homeopathy with slight reluctancy, but was glad to have met Dhriti as she was the only person to cure me after years being examined and prodded by conventional healthcare.


Meditation for all

My child takes Dhriti's meditaition classes every week,and he loves it!


I had read her profile in the website, I loved it. After I went to try an adult meditation class I really enjoyed it.For my happiness I found out that she works with children as well.

Dhriti Kids Meditation class is what I was looking for my 6 years old girl. I believe it will help her to manage her own feelings as anger, anxiety, frustration or stress When she left her first class , she said ” Mum, I loved it, I had fun and I felt relaxed."

She is a lovely, caring and dedicated person.


"I want to give my children the tools they need to be able to cope well with the stressful world that they live in today. They are 11 (daughter) and 12 (son) so I was a little concerned about their openness to meditation. I found Dhriti to be knowledgable about meditation and particularly about how she could adapt what she offered to my children's specific needs. I felt confident to leave my children in her care. They really enjoyed the initial session with Dhriti and were very happy and positive afterwards. Since then they accept that this is part of their routine and look forward to the next session. It is allowing my children to let go of things that are bothering them quicker than before and they both seem more confident and open to share what's happening in their lives with me. I'm sure we will see more positive changes as the weeks go on."


My daughter has loved working with Dhriti. She has shown her techniques to deal with stress and anxieties. The visualisation techniques have taught her how to unwind effectively. Highly recommend.